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GLI Is Now An Asset -Based Carrier
Specializing in Hazardous Material and Tanker Endorosed Shipments
Premier services between Southern Californa and Northern California and Local Southern Californa Secondary lanes Central Arizona, Southern, NV and Round Trips


Dedicated Carriers * C-Tpat  * Hazardous Material * Over dimensional

Twic Cards

Intermodal Drayage

GPS Tracking with customer access

Ocean Export Drayage

Logistics Services

Sleepers & Daycabs


Power Only

UIIA Interchange

Door to Door * EDI * 24/7 Customer Service

Who Are We?

GLI is a full-service 3rd Party Logistics company that provides solutions across all parts of the Global Supply Chain
from Origin to Destination and Everything in Between.

Founded in 1994

Original Ownership

Headquartered in Brea, California

Operational Team with over 25 years of Logistics experience

Why Use Us?

Proven Operational Experience in every unique part of the Supply Chain

(Logistics Solutions Based on Your Needs)

Focused Customer Service

We operate as an extension of your team

Value developing partnerships vs only managing freight

Allow your team to focus on your business, not Logistics

(Increase Overall Team Efficiency – Reducing Cost)

Services We offer

Freight Management / Virtual Traffic Office through Technology and Experience

Freight Logistics Services


Gardner Logistics Inc.

“…Your customer service is absolutely exceptional. Whenever we have anything going with you, I can count on an update from you every morning.  This is appreciated more than you will ever know….

Thanks for everything you do to make all of our jobs easier Blanca.”

Gardner Logistics Inc.

“Dennis Gerard played a very crucial role in this, going above and beyond to provide prompt and excellent service, taking from his personal time to make sure all logistics went well, and taking ownership of his tasks to the very end until everything was completed.”

Gardner Logistics Inc.

“Blanca always responds to any customer service request such as POD or appointment information in a timely manner, usually within the hour. If she is unable to provide the paperwork, she always lets me know right away. She will follow up without a second request.”

Gardner Logistics Inc.

“Blanca and team GL: Thanks for your excellent follow up and quick response and overall awesome service! Much appreciate it.”

Gardner Logistics Inc.

“Todd I would like to extend my gratitude for the excellent service I have been receiving from your people….”


Gardner Logistics Inc.


 P.O. Box 402 Brea, CA 91821
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